The following sessions will be offered - sign up early we expect these to be busy! 

All sessions will be run in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Unfortunately All Kayak Sailing Spaces Are Filled - This session is limited by the availability of suitably rigged boats if more become available we will let you know. If you have your own sailing rig and wish to participate please let us know.


Forward paddling for sea kayakers

Whether you have just bought your boat or maybe you have paddled thousands of miles let us help you get the most from your stroke. Forward paddling will be you most used stroke but how good are you? Let us help make you more efficient!



Turning strokes for sea kayakers

Different strokes for different folks whether you preference is cross deck in front or ruddering from behind, we will help you understand what is actually happening to you and your kayak, you will leave with a better understanding of why these strokes work, and how to get the most from them



Balance games leading to self rescues

Always a favorite, we will help answer some questions, why balance games? What can I possible learn from standing in my kayak? We will teach you about the progression of balance, adding to the initial concept helping you master that extra control over your boat! The session will then turn towards rescues (using empty boats) and self rescues, (wrap up warm the water might not be at its warmest)



Greenland paddle stuff

Getting the most from your stick! Your either a stick user or thinking about using a stick, we will teach you how it should enter and exit the water, the path your stroke should travel, we will be looking at forward paddling, turning and bracing, we will help you to understand what’s going on in your hands and how you can make the most from it!



Buying a Sea kayak, help with demoing - WITHDRAWN DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST

Boat design and demo with unbiased coach, if your thinking about buying something new this is the perfect opportunity, we will have boats from the majority of manufacturers to suit all sizes. We want to teach you about what your looking at, why they are different and how these differences will effect the handling. Then we will take the session on the water, give you specific things to try and teach you how to demo a boat properly.




From novice to expert this class will have something for you, using our fleet of sail ready sea kayaks all boasting the new P and H sail. Let our coach teach you how to get the most from the wind!



Stroke blending, ie rock hopping skills

So your next to the rocks, a wave hits you, your going sideways, whats going to save the glass form the impact, a draw? rudders? Probably a combination, this session is going to look at joining different stroke together maybe inventing some new ones! 



Canoe skills for sea kayakers

There are more similarities than you might think, let our expert show you how to maneuver your paddle through the water, your kayak will mysteriously move a black art demystified, if you are prepared to try!



Guided trip around Castle Semple - WITHDRAWN DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST - WILL RUN ON SUNDAY 30th

For those who don't want any coaching input this session lead by a local will take you from where the Calder enters the loch to the weir on The Cart approx a 9km Round trip we are lucky to have so much history and points of interest let us share them with you!