How do I complete the booking form?

Save the form to your computer and open in Adobe Acrobat, the fields to be filled in will be highlighted then all you need to do is print the form and send it off with your payment or make a direct transfer to our bank account and add in the reference number the form. Remember to save the data in the form and keep a copy! If you wish to complete the form electronically use the Booking Form link on the site, Payment can be made by direct transfer or by post - if posting a cheque please include your name and address so we can marry up the payment with the form.

For clubs claiming the 10 places for 9 discount send all the forms together with the payment. For electronic submissions include details of your club and participants to us on an email at to allow us to collate the electronic forms.


Is there camping available?

Potentially, a choice of wigwam camping or space for your tent is available, ask for details.


Do I pay extra for the Sunday?

No, we thought, lets go for a paddle, if the coaches are about and available lets go paddling.

Can I hire equipment?

Yes , please ask for details letting us know what you need.


Will there be somewhere to get changed?

Yes we have the use of the changing facilities and toilets at Castle Semple.


Will there be something for vegetarians at the BBQ?

Yes, let us know in advance your coming, and we will make sure there are options for you.


I am a novice paddler is this event suitable for me?

Yes, although get in contact; we can discuss which options would be most suitable for you!


Will there be an opportunity for my kids to have a shot?

Yes there will be a come and try it session running throughout the day.


Will the café be open?

Yes the Café at the visitor will be open serving hot and cold drinks, snacks etc throughout the day.


Is there stuff to entertain my family whilst I paddle?

Follow the link, there are lots of walks, shops and a bird sanctuary!


My family have been exploring all day, can they join us for the BBQ?

Yes, just let us know in advance all we would ask is a small donation towards RNLI